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Adopting a
positive money saving attitude

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Ooh yeah! A new
year is here. Well, though one month is almost gone, to most of us,
the year is still NEW, and that my friend is what matters. Have you
made any resolutions? I am quite sure you have and like so many years
that have gone, one of the resolutions you must have made is bound to
money. Whatever it may be, whether juicing some of your savings, or
chipping away at your expenses both in the long term and in the short
term, you need to have made your vows with how you interact with your

May be you are
thinking bigger, growing your career, expanding your business, or
stepping into a new line of work, whatever the case, you need to be
good at how you spend and save your cash.

Saving is one of
the most basic art towards creating a great future. So do you save?
Well and good. You don’t? Don’t worry, after this 2 minutes read
through the post, “thou shalt noth be the same again” the
tips that I will outline here will go a long way into helping you
change your perception towards saving money.

Why is saving so

It is a question
that I found myself asking over and over again, I never understood
why. But if there is one thing I have learnt, to save, you do not
need to go to any school. We have made saving hard through our
countless activities.

Saving is not
easy. You have to be disciplined and have the willpower to save. This
in the short term works like charm. Now let’s cross over to the
other side, the long term. What works in the long term is ensuring
that get it right in saving through your spending habits. Once you
understand your spending patterns, you will find that it will be very
easy for you to save.

Building positive
money saving attitude

Set your goals
You have heard
this from time to time, and now, I am repeating it to you once again.
Set your goals. This will help you to clearly see what you need to
spend and therefore, save.

What do you want?

A house?

A car?

Do you
want to be financially independent?

Or maybe
get out of debt?

Whatever you
want, write it down. Well, a goal may not be an incentive to save but
at least, it will help you get motivated to stop spending on
unnecessary things. If you so many desires for the month, start only
with one desire. After you are done with it, step on to the next one.
You will find out that it gets easier by the day.

Track every penny
you squash
One thing that I
have learnt is that self-made millionaires know where every penny
drains to. If you want to build wealth, you have to know where every
last of you penny goes. Becoming aware of your spending will help you
to uncover the loopholes of your excessive spending. More so, it
helps you to question where your money is going. Therefore, you end
up saving more than you are spending. To do this effectively, you
need to set a month where you will carefully scrutinize your spending
culture. You will be surprised by what you are likely to find out.

Make a budget
Money saving
comes with a budget. Again, this is where most people get it wrong.
They end up being too stringent in the name of saving. You need to
calculate the amount you need for;







This again will
depend on the spending preferences. Deduce all the cost from your
income every cost. What’s left of it is the amount you can save
each month, save it!

Do extra to
advance your goals
remember we said
that knowing your goals is one great way to save, well, that is true
but to keep your goals alive, you need to something extra each day to
advance your goals. A goal is a future outcome that you desire. It is
where you want to be in “X” years, months or even days.
Goals are your transportation to you dreams, take control over your
dreams by converting them into goals and doing one thing each day to
push you forward to your goals. This way, you will find that saving
becomes so much easier.

Your environment
does matter
Your environment
influences your whole being, your personality and perspective in
life. This goes along way into shaping your habits, inclusive of the
spending habits. If you want to build a positive money saving
attitude, then you need to surround yourself with positive people who
save money. The reverse is true, that if you spend too much time
around people who spend a lot, you will end up overspending and
therefore have nothing to save.

In every
situation, pay yourself first
The first bill
that you pay each and every month after receiving your income should
be channeled into your savings account. Be disciplined, just like all
the other bills, there is no way around it. You have to pay it month
after month, which is the only way out of it. However, if you are in
debt, the rules changes, you have to first of all finance your debt,
and then saving comes second.

Adopting a money
saving attitude is quite simple, nonetheless, people chose to make it
hard. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you will
find it easy to save every month.