Accuracy Killed Michael Jackson” (Steve Hewlett), it was hugely

Accuracy is the degree to which a subject is
correct and reliable. In the world of factual programming, being accurate is
vastly important. The whole point of a documentary is that it provides truthful,
up to date and dependable information in to a subject matter.

Succeeding in creating a completely accurate
factual programme is not easy. It involves copious amounts of research, and
there is always the risk that the information that you have gathered is not
correct. In order to ensure that your data is accurate, it is important to
congregate information from multiple sources.

the case of the documentary, “The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson” (Steve
Hewlett), it was hugely imperative that the information given during the
documentary was correct. The programme looks in to the death of Michael Jackson
and how it was most likely caused by his doctor, Conrad Murray. Due to this
being a hugely popular subject, the filmmakers had to spend a lot of time
ensuring that the data in this programme was accurate. The documentary depicts
footage from Murray’s trial, interviews with Murray and also statistics
relating to Jackson’s death. Therefore, it is difficult to dispute the fact
that this is an accurate documentary.

the documentary “Blackfish” (Gabriela
Cowperthwaite), a programme that looks into how the Orlando
Marine Park’s giant orca killed his trainer in 2010, was called
“inaccurate and misleading” by SeaWorld. “SeaWorld is one of the
world’s most respected zoological institutions, that SeaWorld rescues, rehabilitates
and returns to the wild hundreds of wild animals every year, and that SeaWorld
commits millions of dollars annually to conservation and scientific research.
Instead of a fair and balanced treatment of a complex subject, the film is
inaccurate and misleading and, regrettably, exploits a tragedy that remains a
source of deep pain for Dawn Brancheau’s family, friends and colleagues.”
– A statement made by SeaWorld.

Balance, Impartiality and Bias

When making a
documentary it is vital to take in to account different viewpoints, to look at
more than one side of a subject and to not make biased statements or
judgements. However, this has been proven difficult by many filmmakers as often
a documentary will exhibit a certain viewpoint, especially on documentaries
examining social, political or cultural issues.

To ensure that your programme is
balanced, impartial and non-biased you must obtain applicable and appropriate
arguments and present them suitably. You must not include too much, or any,
personal opinion as you must keep in mind that the viewer is not watching the
documentary to hear your opinion, but to be educated. Basically, you must be

A good example
of a documentary like this is “Panorama: The Secrets of Scientology” (John
Sweeney). The documentary looks in to the recent growing popularity of the
Church of Scientology, and if the religion can be considered a cult or not. The
documentary features interviews with people with opposing viewpoints,
interviews with members of the Church, background information on the Church and
plenty of indisputable footage of arguments, court cases etc. Therefore, this
documentary can be considered balanced and unbiased.

documentary “Kurt and Courtney” (Nick Broomfield), looks in to the death of Kurt
Cobain and how his wife, Courtney Love, may have been responsible for his
death. It is obvious when watching the documentary that it is unmistakeably
biased, as Broomfield mostly just searches for evidence that Love was Cobain’s
killer. The documentary depicts three accusations from a private investigator,
a close friend of Love’s, and her own father that she murdered Cobian. He
rarely looks at the other side of the story, that Cobain committed suicide,
which is the side that most people believe.



In order to
present information it is important to gather varying opinions on the matter.
It helps with the validity of the opinions if they come from professionals that
are associated with the subject matter. For example, in “Super Size Me” (Morgan
Spurlock), a documentary in which Morgan Spurlock does an experiment where he
only eats McDonalds food for one month to see how his body reacts, Spurlock
gathers information from various medical professionals such as a cardiologist, a
gastrologist, a dietician and a general practitioner. We see these people every
now and then throughout the documentary as they give information and their
professional opinions and advice to Spurlock on how his McDonalds challenge is
affecting his body.

– In this clip from “Super Size Me”, Spurlock’s doctors are telling him that
his new diet is proving itself to be very harmful for his body. They advise him
to stop doing the challenge because his heart, liver and blood are suffering.
These opinions help Spurlock to make the point that fast food is more harmful
than most people realise.

Opinion in
documentaries is significant. However, so is fact. Due to it being factual programming, I think that
documentary makers should focus more on the facts than the opinions. Nonetheless,
opinion can help the documentary maker send an overall message or create a
general tone.

are documentaries which don’t require opinion and only give facts and
information to the viewer. Documentaries such as “Planet Earth” (David
Attenborough) do not rely on gathering information from people. Documentaries
like this don’t have interviews with people; they just provide information to
the viewer and show footage of the subject matter. Their purpose is more
educational and therefore opinion is not necessary.


The way that
the subjects are represented in a documentary is mostly down to the documentary
maker and it affects how a subject is seen by the viewer throughout the whole
programme. The documentary maker can manipulate the footage of the subjects to
make someone seem a certain way, which may add entertainment value or may cause
the audience to think a certain way. They can also interview their subjects in
a particular setting with a carefully thought-out background so that they a
represented how the documentary maker wants it. Or, they may decide to only
show specific features of their personalities. For example, they may show the
viewer the kinder side of a person and then choose not to show their more
aggressive side.

Coming back to
“Kurt and Courtney”, this is a prime example of how the documentary maker, Nick
Broomfield, has decided to represent Courtney Love in a specific way.
Broomfield hints at multiple times throughout the programme that Courtney
murdered, or hired someone to murder, Kurt Cobain. This is done by showing her
in a negative light by featuring the negative things that her father had to say
about her. He also showed footage of her friends
who he made clear were drug/alcohol dependant, which sheds a negative light on
her life.

– This is an interview that was featured in the documentary with a man named El
Duce who claimed that Love offered him $50,000 to murder Cobain. This
immediately makes the viewer suspicious of Love, even though El Duce appears to
be drunk and unreliable, it still makes the viewer think “what if?”.


In order to
create a documentary you need access to a location, people or objects. Without
these things it would be very difficult to create a believable, entertaining
and convincing programme. Some people that you may want to interview might not
be available or willing to answer questions, and so you have to find a way
around that. Also, if you want to shoot on a specific location it may be
illegal to use recording equipment in that location, for example in an airport,
and so you have to move location. These are just a few of the issues that a
documentary filmmaker will come across.

Access is also about getting the audience
involved in the making of factual programming so that they have a say in how a
subject is represented and viewed. It also allows them to give feedback on a
subject. An example of this is a programme called “Talking Bad”, which is about
the fictional series called “Breaking Bad” and it allows the audience and fans
of “Breaking Bad” to talk about the episodes of the show and what they thought
of the characters and the storyline. A similar programme is “Talking Dead”
which is the same thing as “Talking Bad”, but is for the fictional series “The
Walking Dead”.


makers often run in to problems regarding privacy when creating documentaries.
They are eager to get information and sometimes that involves crossing a line
and becoming quite intrusive. However, it is sometimes necessary to be
intrusive to get the information that the programme requires. Documentary maker
Michael Moore, for example, tends to ask people personal and/or uncomfortable
questions. In his television series “The Awful Truth” he asks various Christian
politicians about their faith and beliefs. Some of these interviewees appear to
be uncomfortable and try to avoid the questions.

are certain laws that a documentary maker must follow in order to avoid fines
and legal action against them. For example, if a subject asks if he/she can stop
being filmed then the cameraman must stop filming unless they have a warrant to
continue. Also, when filming or recording in institutions, organisations or
other agencies then permission to film must be obtained.

In 2010 an
argument was but forward by Brett Mills from the University of East Anglia that
documentary makers should respect the privacy of animals as much as they do for
humans. He said “It might at first seem odd to claim that animals might have a
right to privacy, but animal behaviour shows that they can make a distinction
between public and private behaviour. There are times when they withdraw from
“public” areas, and appear to want privacy. For humans it is assumed
that documentary makers would need consent to go into people’s private lives,
but no such boundary exists for wildlife filmmakers. When confronted with such
‘secretive’ behaviour the response of the wildlife documentary is to read it as
a challenge to be overcome with the technologies of television. The question
constantly posed by wildlife documentaries is how animals should be filmed:
they never ask whether animals should be filmed at all.” This is a good
point as in wildlife documentaries, as long as they have permission, the director/cameraman
can film the animals as much as they want. In the documentary “Grizzly Man”
(Werner Herzog) we see a lot of the footage filmed by Timothy Treadwell of
grizzly bears in the wild, as well as Timothy’s life in Alaska. Treadwell was
clearly hoping to make a film using this footage; however he was killed before
he had the chance. Therefore, in “Grizzly Man” we may be seeing footage that
Treadwell never intended anyone else to see. His privacy is consequently
compromised, as well as the bears and other animals he filmed.

Contract with Viewer

Contract with the viewer is about what
the viewer is promised when watching the trailer for a documentary or in the
opening of the documentary. For example, a documentary maker might make the
trailer for their documentary seem more exciting than it actually is in order
to get people to come and see the programme. This tactic is used often in the
film industry, and not just in factual programming. Filmmakers often get the
most action packed/the funniest/the most dramatic parts of their film and put
them in the trailer so that the film appears to be more appealing to the
audience when in reality the film may have a completely different tone.

For example,
“Catfish” (Nev Schulman) is about a true story of a man who meets a woman
online and after getting to know her gets in to a relationship with her before
even meeting her. With his friends filming him, he decides to pay her a
surprise visit so he can finally meet her. The trailer makes the film seem a
lot tenser than it actually is by taking the more dramatic parts of the film
and putting them in the trailer, along with “creepy” music and misleading
quotes from reviews. In actuality, the film is barely tense at all and
therefore the contract with the viewer is broken.

The say we would have never won the war

The Navajo code talkersThese brave young men fought so gallantly for a country who despised their beloved heritage. But why? That is a question we all wonder. Why? Why would they fight for us?   Who are they?              The indian code talkers who so gallantly served their country in the most perilous of times was the Navajo Native American Tribe . They are Native Americans from the South Western states of Arizona and New Mexico.They have the biggest reservation in the country. They also have a Tribal  government with a legislative,Judicial,and executive branch in their government. Some people say we would have never won the war without them.                               What Did they do?    The Navajo code talkers were under the command of the United States Marine Corps.They decrypt and encrypt messages for the Marines. The Navajo had to be able to do this in as little as 30 seconds. They also had to be fluent in Navajo and English. They also were very fierce soldiers/combatants. They had MOS (Military occupational specialty) of 031 Machine gunner ( 031 means infantry) and Artillery.   Where did they serve?   The Navajo Code Talkers served in the Pacific theater of war fighting Japan on Island like the Philippines and Bataan,Guam, Iwo JIma. Even though most of them went to the Pacific theater of war, most of these brave young men have never even left there reservation before let alone their country. So I would guess they were pretty scared to leave their homelands, families,and friends. And some of them were to never come back to their families.   Was their code ever broken? No, Their code was never cracked by the japanese. But because they used the Navajo code in WW1 against the Germans, they could not use the code against the Germans. Because the Germans might crack it. But the Americans still used Native code against them. They used the Comanches, and Meskwaki indians to fight the Germans and italians. (which their code was never broken either) Original 29 code talkers Charlie Y. Begay Roy L. BegaySamuel H. Begay John Ashi BenallyWilsie H. Bitsie Cosey S. BrownJohn Brown, Jr. John Chee Benjamin Cleveland         Eugene R. CrawfordDavid Curley Lowell S. DamonGeorge H. Dennison James DixonCarl N. Gorman Oscar B. IlthmaAlan Dale June Alfred LeonardJohnny R. Manuelito William McCabeChester Nez Jack NezLloyd Oliver Joe PalmerFrank Denny Pete Nelson S. ThompsonHarry Tsosie John WillieWilliam Dean Wilson             How many of the original 29 Navajo code talkers are left?All of the original code talkers are dead. The last one to die was Chester Nez. (born January 23, 1921 in Chi Chil Tah, New Mexico. Died June 4, 2014 at the age of 93 in albuquerque, New Mexico.)                            Our HerosYou know why we have all of our smartphones, electronics, free speech, democracy,freedom of belief/religion? Because of these brave men. These men fought and died so we could have the freedom to   do these things. So when you think about the future or your dreams make sure  you thank these men and all of the brave men who gave their life so you can read this article about very brave men.

The of education. Prognosis is easier on early detection

            The aim of this paper is to help my
client to abstinence from substance abuse during pregnancy, give information on
complications and how she can manage it. Substance abuse in pregnancy has high-risk
complications. It is a real challenge for health care providers (HCP’s) to give
health education on so many aspects of prenatal care, nutrition, various
treatment methods, and maternal and fetal risks. In fact, substance abuse is more common among women in their
reproductive age (18-44) than other population due to their lower incomes or
lower levels of education. Prognosis is easier on early detection of substance
abuse.  Especially during pregnancy
period, they need proper care, support, and adequate health care provision. The
complication of this substance abuse during pregnancy is more complicated than
in non-pregnant stage.  Substance abuse during pregnancy causes maternal
problems as well as poor childhood development and health. The incidence of the
substance varies in each individual. She allowed her boyfriend to get involved in the treatment
plan. Our team has developed programs for her regarding maternal and fetal consequences
due to drugs, how to maintain weight and nutritional status, periodic health
screening and checkup, and importance of increased
knowledge of pregnancy and complications, attitudes and
self-efficacy on healthy living practices. She is now aware of the consequences of substance
abuse in pregnancy and willing to abandon bad habits and desires to maintain a
good health for her baby. Able to give proper information/health education on
various aspects of substance abuse helps them to make a good decision.


Women’s substance abuse is positively correlated with their surroundings
and childhood experiences. Bad peer influences also help them to use the
substance initially and gradually they become addict to drugs. For an instance
pleasure, they are taking all these high-risk habits. Stress, easy availability
of alcohol and other substance, identity/self-esteem problems, psychosocial
problems are other factors. On detailed discussion with her, she was the victim
of child abuse and she is the member of the broken family. She was living in
high-risk environments characterized by insecurity, poverty, separated family
and other psychological issues.

Reasons not have accepted in the first place. Let’s

Reasons To Seek The Help Of Timeshare Exit Management Group When you buy a timeshare, but after the dealings, you realize that you might have been hoodwinked, you will need to contact a professional timeshare attorney the soonest possible. It is also essential to consult the timeshare attorney if you realize that the contract that you signed may lack a legal standing. Having the services of the attorney will ensure that you do not continue paying a timeshare that you should not have accepted in the first place. Let’s check the benefits that come with the resolution to hire a timeshare lawyer.First, the timeshare lawyers can help you detect if your agreement has a legal standing. Timeshare agreements are notoriously twisting, and there are probabilities that you might get lost at some point. There are other features of timeshare agreements have also been made unlawful. There are clauses such as unending contracts as well as points which are against the law. When you involve the timeshare attorneys when you are obtaining a timeshare, they will help evaluate the contract and identify if some parts might be illegal, some which you might not have understood on your own.When you need to exit a timeshare agreement, you need to have a timeshare attorney who first recognizes the unlawful clauses that may be false. It is essential to have the timeshare attorneys by your side as you will need to start the reimbursement process the soonest possible. You can always expect complications from the timeshare corporations when you need compensation, and it might be problematic to manage it on your own. But when a timeshare attorney is handling such circumstances, they direct you through the process and guarantee that you do not trip up.Nullification of the timeshare agreement can also be achieved easily when you hire a timeshare attorney. Unlike compensation where the timeshare company will be given instructions to give you cash as a way of offering you an admission of guilt. But nullification is all about having the agreement erased. For this to happen, a timeshare company will have acted outside the legal boundary during, before or after signing the contract. To identify such transactions, you will need to have an expert in the form of an attorney from a timeshare exit management group.The process of claiming payment or asking for nullification of the illegal timeshare professionals can prove to be not only long but also tedious. With the knowledge of the law, experts from timeshare exit management group will make the process hassle-free for you.

There parents that are responsive and receptive towards their

There are 4 types of parenting styles, such as authoritarian, parents who have a strong character and impose rules. Neglectful, parents that do not express any certain feelings, and always say no. Authoritative, parents who allow their child to be independent. From all the parenting styles I believe that authoritative is the best choice between how much freedom parents give to their child.The first parenting style is known as authoritative parenting which is parents that are responsive and receptive towards their children. They are usually willing to respond to their kid’s questions. “The authoritative parent affirms the child’s present qualities but also sets standards for future conduct. She uses reason, power, and shaping by regime and reinforcement to achieve her objectives and does not base her decisions on group consensus or the individual child’s desires” (source 1). They are more encouraging and forgiving parents rather than the strict ones, for example when their children don’t come up to their expectation, which they allow the child to explore freely, and become independent. I would consider my parents authoritative for the reason being that they have educated me on how to become independent for my future. Authoritarian parents fail to deliver any clarification or reason for the rules forced by them. In case a child has a concern of why that’s happening, they essentially answer, “Because I said so!” Most of the time these guardians are less responsive, have big requests and desires..”In the present study, authoritarian parenting had a negative relationship with home, health and emotional adjustment of adolescents. The hypotheses were supported by the results were significant.” (source 2) Many of the children who have authoritarian parents try to get their parents attention as to behaving poorly which causes their parents to be stronger with them. “Parents too occupied with their problems”, “Do not express love.” (source 3) Neglectful parents set few limits to their child, and then the children become more disobedient and demanding. I acknowledge that others may consider that being an authoritarian and neglectful parent as to being strict or set few limits would help their child, but in reality, it causes them to dangerous things. However, I consider the authoritative parenting style best choice to how much freedom should parents give their child.Overall, each parent has their own parenting style which they personally use. Considering the 4 parenting styles, I found authoritative parenting to personally be the best choice towards how much freedom should parents give their child.

Mosambi free from acidic flavour and is sweeter in

Mosambi Juice, whenever one thinks of this
fruit, the instant image of fresh and tropical beach hits us. It is not only
tasty but also very healthy for us. It benefits is ways which betters our
lifestyle. It is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C. It has a cooling and
medicinal effect on the person who consumes this. Unlike lemon, Mosambi juice
is free from acidic flavour and is sweeter in taste.








Mosambi is also known as Sweet lime which
is mostly found in South-East Asia. The plants of the fruit reach up to a
height of 25 feet and bears round/ oval in shape and turns yellow on ripening.
It is found in tropical and sub-tropical climates, producing fruits only after
a span of 5-7 years leading to peak production at the age of 10-20 years. Its scientific
name is Citrus Limetta. One can picture drinking mosambi juice sitting by the
beach, enjoying the breaking waves and cool winds. Before we talk about the
benefits of Mosambi Juice, let us see what are the uses of the fruit?

It is used as a tropical drink
to fight the heat

Used a hydrating drink to keep
the body hydrated and fit

Used by athletes as an energy

Used in shampoos, body lotions
and conditioner

Used in medicines

Used in chocolates to enhance
the taste


Who doesn’t like
Mosambi? It is a favourite of most of the people. It takes off the edge and
makes the person feel happy and rejuvenated. Most of us have a childhood memory
of sucking the mosambi fruit for its juice and enjoying the sweet taste with a
bit of tangy taste in the end. But more than that, Mosambi juice comes in handy
for health, skin and hair. It is a fruit rich in so many vitamins and
ingredients that it is advised that everyone should drink the juice once a day.
From treating jaundice to cleansing the skin, mosambi juice does it all. One
can stop and marvel at the creation of such a fruit. There should be a saying
which goes like “Mosambi a day keeps the doctor at bay”


So, what are the benefits and use of
Mosambi Juice for Skin, Hair and Health?

It helps in digestion

As the fruit carries high
content of flavonoids which stimulates the digestive system by the rate of
secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids, it is often recommended to
people who are suffering from ailments like irregular bowel movements, indigestion
and other gastrointestinal problems. The juice works to neutralize the acidic
digestive juice and washes off the toxins from the excretory system. The
peristaltic motions are aided by the compounds present in the fruit and also
aids in diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. 







It is good for the eyes

The antioxidant properties
stop the muscle of the eyes from degeneration and fights bacterial infections.
It is used the most when conjunctivitis hits the person.

















Relieves Constipation

Even though the juice is
not as acidic as lemon but it still has acid contained in it which flushes out
toxins from bowel tracts and provides dietary fibre that enables roughage to
act as a purgative treatment in regards of constipation. Thus, as a home remedy
it is advised to every individual who is suffering from constipation.











It fights scurvy

Scurvy is caused by the
deficiency of Vitamin C and is characterized by bleeding, swollen gum and
frequent bouts of flu and cold. Ulcers pop up in mouth and tongue, lips become
essentially dry and chapped. All of this can be treated by Mosambi Juice. One
just has to mix the juice with a few drops of pure water, and then add a pinch
of black salt. The mixture should be applied on the affected area. Halitosis or
bad breath can also be solved by sipping on lime juice.










Peptic Ulcers

Juice has flavonoids like Limomin. It has properties like anti- carcinogenic,
detoxifying, antioxidant and antibiotic properties that are effective in healing
ulcers. (peptic/oral)












Respiratory Problems

The anti-congestive
properties clean and various respiratory problems which is why mosambi juice is
used in balms, vaporizers, inhalers.














Enhances the Immune system

It is said that regular
intake of mosambi juice enhances the overall condition of heart functioning. It
ensures blood circulation and leads to a healthier immune system. The presence
of Vitamin C raises the standards of immunity system of the person and prevents













Anti-Cancer Properties

Sweet Lime Juice even has
limonoids which arrests the growth of different types of cancer. Limonoids are
attached to sugar molecules called glucose which gets digested easily.









Juice of Mosambi Juice also
provides protection against rheumatoid arthritis

Since the fruit is filled
with Vitamin C, it provides protection and prevention against any kinds of
swelling and inflammation. It curbs the symptoms of osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis.














It accelerates the process of
weight loss.

Scientific researches
states that Mosambi Juice supports weight loss. If an individual drink a glass
of lukewarm water with the hint of lime juice and honey which makes the body
sheds extra pounds by reducing the cholesterol level and blood pressure.  
















Lime Juice treats Urinary

The fruit has a high
concentration of potassium that detoxifies organs like kidneys, bladder. It
even cures infections that affects the respective organs.










Uric acid and free
radicals are flushed out from the body with the help of Vitamin C and it even
neutralizes the free radicals.












It renders relief from motion

The tangy flavours in
tasty to the tongue and a cure to motion sickness. Drinking the juice once a
day will get rid of heartburns and acidity. It comforts and soothes
gastrointestinal tact and reduces abdominal














Treatment of sunstroke and

of Mosambi Juice makes sure that the person is hydrated and protected from the
harsh rays of the sun as it is an essential source of vitamins and minerals. It
lessens the risk of dehydration and muscle cramps and is given as a cure for
people who are suffering a sun or a heat stroke. Mosambi Juice is great for
athletes and is recommend to them.










Treatment of Jaundice

Mosambi Juice comes in
handy here too. It boosts the liver function which slows down in the case of
jaundice. It is exceptionally effective and helpful.












Benefits the Nervous System

If there is one that can
help the nervous system then that is Mosambi Juice as it acts as a coolant. The
nervous system is constantly working and needs rest which is provided by the
concentrated juice of the fruit.




















It is effectively beneficial
for asthma

The properties of mosambi
and its juice has such healing power that it lessens the painful effects of
asthma. It provides instant relief to people who are suffering from it.






Relief from Tonsillitis

is a known fact that Vitamin C reduces the severity of cold and fever thus when
one is suffering from Tonsillitis then they should go for mosambi juice. They
will be cured in no time.



















Antiseptic & Antibacterial
Properties that enhances the quality of hair

The antiseptic and
antibacterial properties of sweet lime tend to the poor condition of hair and
skin. Its extract is used in shampoos and body lotions to protect hair and skin
from antibacterial infections and dandruff.











It imparts colour to the hair

The fruit has copper in it
which imparts and strengthens the colour of the hair. It even makes it shine
and lends an attractive shine. The hair will become shiny and turn heads of the





It strengthens the hair

The ingredients of the
juice have enriched vitamins and medicinal effects that works to provide
strength and vigour to the hair. It gives the hair the required nourishment and
rejuvenation. It will stand the test of push and pull. Our hair generally become
dry and weak due to many reasons but mosambi juice fights all of them and makes
them durable.











The vitamins present in the
juice treats split ends & dandruff

The juice is so rich in
its benefits that it has a versatile effect. It not only provides strength,
nourishment but also acts as a treatment of split ends and dandruff. It renders
the quality of damage control for the broken or split hair.












When it comes to skin then
mosambi juice is the go to solution as it a great cleansing agent.

It has mild bleaching and
cleansing agent that helps in getting rid of problems like pigmentation, spots,
acnes and blemishes. Then it goes on to provide a smooth and radiant skin.












It takes away the sting and
pain of insect bites.

The juice of Sweet Lime
reduces the stings of insect bites and gives relief.















The juice Detoxifies body

If mosambi juice is
regularly consumed then it will aid in the process of body detoxification and
imparting a natural glow. It rids the blood of toxins and pollutants and
reduces the chance of skin diseases. 
















Lightens Dark Lips &
Softens Cracked Lips

In today’s time and age
when there is a heightened consumption of smoking and tea, it is only natural
that lips get dry and darker in colour. But this can be aided Mosambi Juice
just by applying the juice 3 or 4 times a day which will also soften the cracked








Mosambi Juice is of great help
when comes in terms of curing pimples.

The antioxidant and
antibacterial properties of the fruits gets in action and breaks downs the
growth of bacteria and other foreign agents that supplements the growth of
acnes and pimples.












Acts a sun tan remover

If the skin or any area
the skin is tanned then the juice can be applied to remove the tan. It breaks
down the discoloured area to bits and gives way to the growth of a new skin









Treats body odour and sweat

Taking a bath with mosambi
juice fights body odour and sweat that might embarrass the person.










Refreshes the skin

juice takes off the strain from the skin by eradicating the pollutants and
providing a renewed charm to it.





One can only imagine that if the juice is
consumed daily then he will not require a doctor or any medical help at all.
Our lives will be totally different if we lived right, ate right and do right.
Most of the solutions lies in nature. If only we took out time and lived like
our ancestors did. Although life expectancy was less back then, but they were
sturdy and stronger than us. And that is because they ate food without
preservatives or any kind of adulterations, had fresh air to breathe in and a
salubrious environment.

These were 30 top Benefits & Uses of
Mosambi Juice for Skin, Hair & Health. We hope that it helped you. Make
sure that before you apply the juice on your skin, you are not allergic or
sensitive to it. If you are then we advise that you stay away from it as it can
sting your skin. Other than that, all of the benefits are good to be applied at
home. Take special care while indulging with children. They can be sensitive to
the sting and the tangy taste of the fruit.


What are the side effects of
Mosambi/Mosambi Juice?

the fruit or the juice can
sometimes in extreme cases cause acidity

it can also cause the decay of
enamel of the tooth

problems during pregnancy thus
affecting the foetus

can cure and cause peptic

It can even cause a disorder
called Hemochromatosis which disables the body from absorbing iron.

Sulphite Disorders- So people
who are sensitive to sulphite compounds to stay away from too much of mosambi

Might affect the kidney

Thank you for reading the article. We hope that
it helped you

The a gradual aging of the population. The Aging

The ageing of the population is one of the most significant phenomena of the 21st century which has important and far-reaching consequences for all sectors of society.The decrease in fertility, the increase in life expectancy for all age groups and the reduction in mortality rates are among the factors that, more than others, push our population towards a gradual aging of the population. The Aging population is a problem that affects all regions and all countries with different levels of development. Its progression is faster in the developing countries, even among those with a high number of Young people.According to UNFPA (United Nation Population Fund) currently among the 15 countries that have over 10 million elderly, seven of them are developing countries. Ageing is a triumph of development. A ever-increasing longevity is one of humanity’s great achievements. You live longer thanks to better nutrition, hygiene, progress in the field of medicine, medical care, education and economic well-being. Life expectancy at birth is currently over 80 years in 33 countries; five years ago, the countries that had achieved this goal were only 19. Currently, only Japan has a population elderly more than 30% of the total; it is believed that by 2050, 64 countries they will reach Japan on these percentages. The Nationa Statistics In 2016 stated that the population of the UK was 65.6 million. From the statistics is clear that the population in the UK is getting older with 18% aged 65 and over and 2.4% aged 85 and over. In 2016 there were 285 people aged 65 and over for every 1,000 people aged 16 to 64 years which is the traditional working age. (Malissa Randal, 21 July 2017)These statistics show that there are less young people than few years ago, because less children were born in the last few years. Instead the elderly are increasing, because people today live longer for many reasons: such as healthier lifestyle, live in cleaner houses and have more medicine to treat themselves than many years ago. Today, women live on average 82.2 years and men 79.1 according to Office of the National Statistics. From the graph 1.1 and 1.2 is evident that the life expentacy of male and female has increased.The family has changed: now people tend to get married less or they just get married in a later age or they simply live together without getting married. Many women with families also work outside the home and men help their children grow up: it is therefore said that roles in the family have changed and are less rigid than many years ago, and that the women can do things that only men did before and vice versa.

Do idea it was naval force blue and white,

Do you recollect the dress worn by American First woman for the presidential introduction back in January of 2012? A few a large number of individuals took a gander at the photograph posted online of her striped dress and had overwhelmingly unique sentiments about what shading it was. Many idea it was naval force blue and white, some said it was highly contrasting, and few others even idea it was green 4xand yellow. So what was the real shade of that dress and what was reality? What was the thinking behind such differentiating assessments and what does this prompt? Dress worn by The First Lady is an illustration how a similar data was deciphered in a few diverse ways. This strikes a chord in the midst of talks about how counterfeit news and altogether lies has come first and its genuine In this alleged universe of phony news where there is boundless flexibility of data sharing, anybody can spread anything they wish on the web the world over and anybody can discover the data and depend on the phony news which affirms their convictions. This plainly demonstrates the absence of open’s basic reasoning and fall prey to counterfeit news. This portrayal of the absence of basic reasoning aptitudes is very stressing and keeping in mind the end goal to keep the spread of phony news and control this significant issue, underlying driver concerning human personality must be caught on. The uncommon quick development in innovation prompting an across the board increment in counterfeit news, understanding the inalienable idea of human perception, provisos in the media and approaches to control the spread of phony news must be caught on. Keeping in mind the end goal to be a recognizing news customer, it is essential for oneself to be a basic mastermind with the capacity to separate phony news from genuine news. There were different types of media, for example, TV, daily papers, magazines, and radio to spread and scatter data before web appeared. Antiquated media techniques permitted commercials and supplements which cleared approach to cover the genuine news. TV was a marvels in the 1960’s which stuck individuals to sit before their media box. Commercials, seen as approaches to veil genuine news was broadcasted amid prime time with a chance to achieve a great many homes each day. Afterward, dream based reality demonstrates shut the hole amongst genuine and arranged occasions. In this day and age, proficient looking sites can be distributed and web indexes and web-based social networking stages can be customized to make compelling news. Indeed, even an innovative insightful software engineering or data innovation graduate understudy can make such sites. The news media doesn’t tailor its substance to particular people, subsequently its fluctuated content and sweeping effect. Data imparted to the media will spread at a quicker pace and to a more prominent degree contrasted with the one without media scope. Media focuses on an arrangement of individuals whom the message should be convey. Online media gives boundless free access to data through sites, sites, and different applications. Web scope and brilliant gadgets enable simple access to news media with a finger touch. Because of the unstable idea of legislative issues, economy, and security condition on the planet, news media assumes a critical part. The news media do assume a noteworthy part on the negative side also spreading counterfeit news through different sensationalist newspapers. There were loads of phony news including tattles, outrages and controlled data. The news media is a benefit making association with a ulterior objective of duplicating benefits. Subsequently notices and supported substance may contain unapproved content making tremendous effect the general public. Counterfeit news doesn’t mean its out and out lie, rather news that will probably be one-sided or deceiving delicately. The data is obviously manufactured and that has been altered to look like honest to goodness news. Its substance is particularly made to interest a group of people’s previous inclinations. The spread of phony news with the development of innovation has been broad causing a gigantic effect. As indicated by a student of history, going back to eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, counterfeit news was an ordinarily acknowledged practice and daily papers were more stubborn and motivation driven. Later with the presentation of penny press in 1830s, incredible news and talk began multiplying. In spite of the fact that perusers didn’t think all that they read is valid the same number of daily papers distributed short stories and verse and parody was primarily utilized by performers and not writers. A large portion of the phony news that is viral online comprises of composed pieces and recorded sections that advances false data through methods for verifiable detailing. For instance, a few reports were distributed by news associations featuring cases of lies, counterfeit news and falsehood on Election Day 2016. Counterfeit news is made purposefully by business people who look to profit from promoting, and false data can likewise emerge from deceived online networking posts by typical individuals who posts routinely, which spreads through a one-sided blogosphere. One such case was the current post via web-based networking media by a representative with respect to dissents where he associated seeing a few transports arranged in downtown and the challenges reports which he heard in the news media. He accepted the two were associated and posted his contemplations via web-based networking media which were soon trailed by a significant number of his devotees, at that point taken to reddit group, writes and were shared among the web world causing a tremendous blend and disarray. Introductory substance of the message got controlled in a few routes prompting mistaken data sharing driven by inaccurate suspicions. This is one run of the mill illustration how counterfeit news begins and engenders with the assistance of web-based social networking and websites in the web world. Occurrences influencing mankind and human esteems imply the dull certifiable results caused by counterfeit news. Only for political purposeful publicity, there were parcel of sites that distribute totally phony and created news. Counterfeit news developed into notoriety exploiting individuals’ consideration looking for aptitudes, which means if human personality focuses on a specific theme, more articles relating to that point will be created. More than the genuine news, it’s about online visits that issues as in more breathtaking the feature seems to be, the more perspectives you get and the more cash that could be produced using controlling eyeballs. It is difficult to overlook the verifiable actualities about how daily papers were plan driven before and how it has changed now with a concentration towards free discourse and impartial substance. In the current past, a portion of the features in the daily papers and online networking have left individuals thinking in the wrong heading before they make sense of that its phony news in the wake of perusing the whole article. There were a few cases where one peruses different phony news pages and thinks of one all alone construct simply in light of his embellishment with a favor and an amazing feature, influencing it to become a web sensation. It is basic for individuals to separate phony news from genuine ones and forestall multiplication of such phony news notwithstanding for its fun part. On account of the idea of online networking, the majority of what is distributed goes unmediated. While customary reporting buys in to solid meticulousness, noble editors and a background marked by certainty checking, these orders don’t exist via web-based networking media, where counterfeit news flourishes. Given the facade of respectability of a honest to goodness looking site, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how the shock can commence a chain response of critique and open blame dealing. Any lie can increase general acknowledgment in the event that it gets rehashed as often as possible and this is one sole explanation behind the disturbing increment of phony news. Accomplishing reiteration is simple in this alleged period of online networking with a couple of catch clicks. Web-based social networking and online pursuit monsters should take endeavors to anticipate counterfeit news locales, applications and commercials from showing up. At the point when there is a particle of uncertainty concerning a site or news content, it is smarter to look google for affirmation reports from trustworthy news locales to check whether they have grabbed a similar news. There are numerous legitimate online sites, for example, Snopes, Factcheck, and so forth., to give some examples, to check the genuineness of the news content. Online networking clients have the open door now to hail articles they believe are purposefully false, and these articles will be screened utilizing outsider truth checkers. Cautioning signs on articles, for example, debated and counterfeit labels would adversely affect its rating score via web-based networking media making it unmistakable to less individuals in their news nourishes. Innovation wise researchers have made a few applications recognizing counterfeit news locales. Such applications could be introduced on web programs as expansions and notices gave by those applications could keep the spread of phony news and enable people to identify and perceive counterfeit locales. Counterfeit news could be controlled by introducing counterfeit locator applications on devices which investigates its legitimacy and banners counterfeit pages. As a matter of first importance place to search for approaches to control counterfeit news is inside oneself. As opposed to checking the veracity of the news content utilizing distinctive confirmation sites and favor apparatuses, one should check their own particular self to accept or not. In the event that the story is so absurd, it is too consistent with accept. People should ensure that they are not being advised what they need to hear. With a specific end goal to wind up noticeably a more canny, observing news customer, it is imperative to separate genuine and phony news and turn out to be to a greater extent a basic scholar. Some portion of being a basic scholar is to dependably address whether they are just getting piece of a story or the entire one. Creating oneself as a media educated individual would help conquer this circumstance. The legislature must concentrate on instruction arrangement with a specific end goal to build up a proficient society which will enable individuals to disentangle amongst genuine and counterfeit news. Government can likewise present stricter controls on media and people sourcing counterfeit news articles. T

For a foreign surroundings. An experienced second language teacher

For most students the ultimate goal of learning is the ability to communicate in a target language. The possession of a common lexicon, which is well used, for example, in colloquial speech is not only important but a crucial role in a foreign surroundings. An experienced second language teacher and researcher Keith Folse, studied the widespread myths about the vocabulary. The very first of these myths is: “When learning a foreign language, vocabulary is  less important than grammar or other aspects” (Folse,  2004). Debunking this very common misconception, Folse emphasizes that all his worst communicative moments occurred when he did not possess the necessary vocabulary. There is an explanation for why we travel with a dictionary, and not with grammar. Here’s how it is formulated by the British linguist David A. Wilkins (1972)  states that not knowing the grammar can be reported quite little. Without knowing the vocabulary, you can not say anything at all. Leading researcher-linguist Paul Nation claimes that vocabulary is not an end in itself. Thanks to the vast vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are easier to create. When working memory is not loaded with doubts about the correct spelling, pronunciation and context of using words, you can fully concentrate on higher levels of the language, for example, using sentence structures or expressions suitable for a particular type of dialogue.In general, it would be more useful to consider vocabulary as a solid foundation for language proficiency, not opposing it to other language skills.The vocabulary is taught in the course of purposeful conscious lessons, but more often still its memorization occurs indirectly by listening, reading and figuring out the meaning of new words from the context.  However, this kind of informal learning is only possible when a small number of unfamiliar words (Nation, 1990). In other words, to be able to learn new words from the context, you need to already possess a considerable vocabulary. This obviously demonstrates the disadvantage for students with a smaller vocabulary, but also mean that “students, owning a large amount of vocabulary, can use the already known words to memorize new ones.” (Folse, 2004)This article focuses on the evaluation of the vocabulary exercises for pupils at secondary Ukrainian school. Age of a learners are 14-16 years. Tasks are taken from three textbooks for level B1+.The first textbook “Solutions” is written by Tim Falla and Paul A Davies and was first published in 2013 by Oxford University Press. The Solutions intermediate student’s book presents three editions and I am focuses on the second edition. The Solutions was first published in 2009. Every textbook of thee editions include the student?s book, teacher’s book with CDs in which answers and recommendations, class audio CD`s, workbook with CDs for self-study at home, iTools software for interactive board and test bank MultiRom with tests.On the top of the cover on a purple background is written in white colour Solutions. In the middle, not bright picture, that not much will interest the learner, but on the right it is a small picture of a smartphone and the words app. Solutions contains 136 pages. The textbook absence any introduction from the author, but notify learners and teachers about the content in a form of multicolored table, which outlines how to work with the textbook. The content of the textbook consists of ten units and seven topics: vocabulary and listening, culture, reading, speaking, writting and two grammar topics. As for the organizing the content, the areas of study is shown by different colour, which assists with orienting in the table. Grammar and a vocabulary builder sections are at the back of the student’s book. The vocabulary builder section leads to expanded students vocabulary about the topics relating to the main units. This section have good addition material for stronger or quick students’.Nearly every page includes more than one picture that looks funny and fulfills their features to involve the learners. Thanks to the pictures, the activities and exercises seems authentic and suitable to pupils’ age. The pictures used to assist the understanding of the text and like parts of exercises as well.”Straightforward” is a series of interactive textbooks that consist of two editions. They are designed for students of secondary schools. Straightforward published by the Macmillan Education and the second edition was published in 2011. The Macmillan Education is based in London, UK.The whole textbook package Straightforward consists of the student’s book which is further evaluated. Also teacher’s book, Straightforward Digital and class CD.At the first sight, the textbook attracts the pupils with the bright cover and a photograph of a red apple. The black symbol B1+ which pictured in the cover page shows the level of English. As is typical for learning in Ukrainian schools, the textbooks of English used only English language for any level, even elementary.The textbook is consistently structured and already from the beginning the teachers and students discover the way to work with this book.  Regarding the table of content, it can be seen at the second page, also dedicated to orientation in the textbook. The structure of the content contains of eight units: Lesson, Grammar, Vocabulary, Functional language, Pronunciation, Reading and listening,Speaking and Writing. Straightforward textbook of A4 format and contains 159 pages.The third textbook “New English File” is written by Clive Oxender and Christina Latham-Koenig. Published in 2006 by Oxford University Press.The content of the textbook is structured in such a way that attention is paid to all the most important aspects of the language – reading, listening, writing, speaking. Each Unit consists of three – four subunits at the end of which a repetition of the material is followed. Each unit has a link to the end of the textbook, namely a grammatical or lexical page with theory and practice. At the end of the tutorial, you can find scripts of all audio records (except those that are in units – repetitions), so each student is comfortable working independently on understanding English speech.Student’s book is accompanied by a Work Book (a notebook for working out the material, based on the main textbook).

INTRODUCTION chances and opportunities, can go a long way


Entrepreneurs are the backbone of modern
economy as this is the main contributor to innovativeness, development of product
and to decrease unemployment. Entrepreneurs starts a franchise to earn profit
on new found chances and opportunities, can go a long way to stabilize the wealth
of a nation and to generate great returns to the government. They can affect the country’s wealth in various ways. An
economy is much depends on the performance level of its entrepreneur. A developing economy is required to be brought out
of the vicious circle of low remuneration and poverty. Entrepreneur can break
this vicious circle. Entrepreneurs and government can change a developing
economy in developed economy.



















Entrepreneurs contribution to the
economic development of a country.

Entrepreneurs invest their own resources and attract fund
from investors, lenders and the public. This deploy public wealth and enable people
to obtain advantage from the successful entrepreneurs and expanding their
businesses. This kind of pooled fund that results in wealth creation and
distribution is one of the common imperatives and aim of economic.

By nature and definition, they are job creators, as opposed
to job seekers. For an example, when one become an entrepreneur, there is one
less job seeker in the economy and then one can offer employment for numerous
other job seekers. This kind of job creation by fresh and existing businesses
is again is one of the common target of economic development. They promote a
lot of job opportunities and helps in increasing the standards to an
international level.

Entrepreneurs aids in increasing the standard of living of public
in a country is yet another main aim of economic development. They don’t only promote
job opportunities, but also by develop and adopt innovations that lead to upgrade
in the standard of life of their employees, customers, and other stakeholders
in the nation. As an example, automation that decreases production costs and helps
fasten the production will make a business unit more productive, while also
providing its consumers with the same products at lower prices.

Community development requires infrastructure for hospital and
education, training and other public services. For example, they need more educated
and skilled workers in a society to attract new businesses. If there are
educational institutions, technical training educational institution and
internship opportunities, that will aid to build the pool of educated and
skilled workers.

setting up new businesses and industrial units help with regional development
by locating in rural and backward areas. The growth of industries and business
in these areas leads to infrastructure upgrades like better roads and rail track,
airports, stable electricity and water supply, educational institution, healthcare
centres, shopping complex and other public and private services that would not
otherwise be accessible.

also promote social change. Through their uniqueness offerings of new product
and services, entrepreneurs break away from tradition and indirectly support
freedom by reducing dependence on obsolete systems and technologies. For
example, the water supply in a water-scarce region will, at times force public
to stop working to collect water. This will affect their business, productivity
and remuneration.

Every fresh
franchise that locates in a rural area will generate both direct and indirect
jobs, assisting lift regional economies in many various ways. The combined
spending by all the fresh employees of the new businesses and the supporting
jobs in other businesses adds to the both local and regional economic achievement.
Any developing franchise will eventually want to
get started with exports to expand their business to other foreign trades. This
is an significant component of economic development since it give access to
bigger trading, and leads to currency inflows and access to the new
cutting-edge technologies and processes being used in more developed foreign trades.

Another benefit is that this expansion that leads to
more stable franchise revenue during economic downturns in the local economy.
In addition, entrepreneurs also add to national remuneration. It can generate fresh
prosperity. New and improved offerings, products or technologies from
entrepreneurs enable new markets to be developed and new wealth created. For
example, more business operates in a nation more tax will be received,
therefore the remuneration of the nation will rise.

The ability to turn ideas into fresh products and
services that public need is the fount of prosperity for any developing nation.
Economic growth, generally speaking, is driven by new technologies and their
creativity applications. Duration of rapid innovation historically have been
accompanied by duration of strong economic growth. The impetus of innovation is
the best natural resource of all, such as the human mind. Creating innovative
products and solutions requires an educated society and an environment where
collaborative work can take place. In order to being best for franchise,
education increases workforce creativity and standard of life.

breaking offerings by entrepreneurs, in the form of new product & services,
result in fresh employment, which can produce a cascading effect or virtuous
circle in the economy. For example, a few IT companies founded the Indian IT
industry in the 1990s as a backend programmer’s hub. Soon the industry gathered
pace in its own programmer’s domain.

In addition, technology has made it possible for small
businesses to expand into local and international markets. When new businesses export product and services to
nearby regions, these enterprises contribute directly to a region’s
productivity and earnings. This rise in revenue stabilise an economy and
promotes the whole welfare of a society. Economies that trade with one another
are almost often better off. This has never been more true than it is today, as
we live in an increasingly interconnected global economy. Even for a huge and
advanced economy like the United States, foreign trades have a significant
role. Foreign trade, according to some estimates, is responsible for over 91% of
the economic growth.

Entrepreneurs makes much contribution to the national
exchequer and to the country’s wealth as whole. The GNP of the nation is computed
based upon the sum of products and services available in a respective nation.
The more products and services available the higher the GNP. It indicates the
economic growth of the nation.


Entrepreneurs as an agent of change.

An entrepreneur is
someone who organises, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or
enterprise. An entrepreneur is an agent of change. They are the driven, creative individuals
who question the status quo, exploit new opportunities, refuse to give up – and
remake the world for the better. A social entrepreneur spots and solves social issues
on a big scale. Just as franchise entrepreneurs create and transform entire
industries, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing
opportunities others miss in order to improve systems, invent and disseminate recent
approaches and advance sustainable solutions that generate social value. Social entrepreneur recognise when a part of society is
stuck and to provide new ways to get it unstuck. Entrepreneur finds what is not
working and solves the issues by changing the system, spreading the solution
and persuading entire societies to take new leaps. 

In Kenya, Peter
Chege, an entrepreneur assisting the
local farmers to adapt with the climate change. In accordance to some models,
cereal yields are expected to decrease by 10% to 20% by 2050 due to droughts
and high temperatures. He develops and install hydroponics systems for farmers
in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda that will enable them to grow produce without soil,
significantly increasing their efficiency while reducing the usage of water.

In Jamaica, farmers lose a significant portion of
their produce to spoilage because they lack direct access to the markets. But
they must haggle about prices with middlemen, resulting in increased fund and
delays. To address this inefficiency, Jamaican entrepreneurs Jermaine Henry and
Janice McLeod developed AgroCentral, it is a mobile app that matches farmers with buyers
in the hotel and restaurant trade. Which cause higher revenue for farmers,
lower prices for buyers, and reduces the wastage.

that, Florence Nightingale created the first professional institutions for
nurses and established standards for hygiene and hospital care that have shaped
norms worldwide. 
What is different today is that social entrepreneurship is expanding into a
mainstream vocation, not only in the United States, Canada and Europe, but highly
in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

In fact, the rise of social
entrepreneurship represents the leading edge of a remarkable development that
has occurred across the world over the past three decades, the emergence of
millions of new citizen organisations. As always, let’s make money.



Entrepreneurs are the nation builders. The development of a country is depends
upon their skills, talents and also their hard work to deliver necessary products
and services for the comforts and luxurious living of the public of a
particular nation. People should
learn to value their entrepreneurs as real partners of development and
acknowledge their contributions and celebrate them.