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As a working professional in IBM which is a global leader in business, security and storage solutions, I was exposed to the various aspects of how businesses work in improving the customer experience with their product. In 2013 IBM built AI which they named, Watson. This AI was basically made to help people get answers to various questions related to different fields and aspects of life. Watson has now moved on to the realm of data analytics and provides data solutions to businesses to make better investing decisions. The sheer brilliance of this innovation was an inspiration for me to be one of the gears of the digital revolution which would drive this world into a new era.     Having been working in IBM for 17 months now, I have had access to a plethora of information related to data and server management. Being from a mechanical engineering background was never a drawback for me in this sector as, along with the knowledge of my subjects, I had experience with Object Oriented Programming. Knowledge of the languages C, C++, Sequential query language (SQL) and JAVA helped me in my endeavour in this field. Working in IBM, helped me form a greater insight into the field of information systems, where I got a chance to learn concepts of the Agile way of working and programming in Python.      In the current scenario, as the world is moving towards smarter data solutions, various businesses have started to invest in innovative solutions to their data related problems. My experience in IBM has led me to choose this career path which has a huge scope of innovation. By pursuing this degree, I hope to improve my existing knowledge of database management and also to gain insight into network and server management. This program would also help me focus on the field of Big Data and Data Science, which would give me chance to dwell into the realm of Data Scientists and Specialists.     Having decided that I will choose Business intelligence and Analytics as my area of focus in the electives I would be able to fulfil my goal of entering IT industry as a Data Scientist or Big Data Specialist. Data Scientists are key players for growing startups and my dream would be to play a vital role in the emergence of a startup among the big players. The curriculum of this program provides a holistic approach to studying data and analytics which would help me achieve this goal.    As a student in my college and as a working professional in IBM, I have always been regarded as a person who has the grit to solve problems. Working on my final year project, which was the analysis of effects of forces on wheels of a car and a bike, the major goal was to determine which is the best material that could be used to manufacture these products. My teammates would applaud the way I approached every obstacle, always trying to reinvent and getting into every nook and corner of all the problems that we faced. My manager always complimented me on my behaviour towards my team, stating in his quarterly appreciation that I had been an excellent learner and a team player. Considering the qualities that I have of being a tactical professional, hard worker, logical thinker and team player, I feel that I am a strong candidate for this program.    The MSIS program in the University of Utah is designed in such a way that along with providing a structured approach to the courses, the program will also help the students build a career in a field of their choice. The Capstone Requirement which gives the student an opportunity to understand the various aspects of the industry and get a hands-on experience of working in their fields was one of the many reasons why I chose this program. Also, considering the location of the University provides a gateway to a vast amount of employment opportunities. Another reason why I feel that the University of Utah is the right place for me is the way the areas of focus are segregated. Each elective provides a holistic approach to the field. Hence, considering these reasons, joining this program would be the right decision for me.