May 2018

Indeterminacy Festival

Free Workshops - Indeterminacy Festival 

Thursday, May 17th & Friday, May 18th 

A Tale as a Tool: Sophie Krier Lecture, Harvest what you sow
May 17, 2018
7:30 – 9:00pm

Boiler Room @ 500 Seneca off of Myrtle near Hamburg St. Parking available in any of the neighboring lots
Registration required:

All around us are loose threads, waiting to be knotted up and woven into replenished stories of courage. Stories that are able to do justice to the diverse, interpersonal (and interspecies) trajectories that are constantly unfolding. We live in a world of abundance, a world thriving with possibilities; yet the dominant view in Global North societies is one grounded in scarcity and fear. Can we reconnect with the losses we encountered, and through mourning and celebration processes, seed collective imaginaries for living together?

For more information about the artist please visit:

A Tale as a Tool: The Vortex Re-Scripted
Mary 18, 2018

Boiler Room @ 500 Seneca off of Myrtle near Hamburg St. Parking available in any of the neighboring lots
Registration required:

This workshop will be held in collaboration with Nick Wasmoen, professor of digital studies and English at University at Buffalo. In this collective experience, we will re-script Poe’s novel together with the public, drawing from literary figures of maelstroms and vorteces and references proposed by Nick such as Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, Hugh Kenner, Toni Morrison.

Nick will propose new elements to rescript the plot in relation with social media and multimedia flows, based on the idea that the maelstrom figure can also serve to model communication channels, and reveal connections between global issues that concern physical flows (climate change) and those that concern human flows (information and affect).

The workshop will thus result in a new novel that we will share with the participants once typed clean.

These events are hosted by University at Buffalo, Techne Institute and Media Study Department. For more information about the Indeterminacy Festival please visit their site:

April 2018

Saturday, April 7, 2pm

Artist Talk w/ Kyla Kegler

Please join us in the Main Lobby Gallery at 500 Seneca (at the Spring & Seneca main entrance) for an afternoon with current exhibiting artist, Kyla Kegler. She'll discuss her current work on view, Chroma (color) Soma (body), a series of paintings that explores the sensual organization of color and form that is part of her University at Buffalo thesis exhibition. This event is free and open to the public. Free parking is available in any of the neighboring lots or on the street. For those that can’t make this event, this exhibit will be on view through April 27, 2018, with the gallery open to the public, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.  For more information about this event, please visit the Facebook event page

Saturday, April 7, 7-9 pm

Wooden Cities presents The Price of...

Wooden Cities is pleased to present The Price of…, a program centered around revolutionary works tied to Buffalo, NY, with an all-star line-up. The program features works which critique the structures and dependencies of modern industry and capital, as well as their costs in resources, labor, and lives. This performance will be taking place in the Boiler Room, which can be accessed by entering 500 Seneca through the gate off of Myrtle near Hamburg St. Parking is available in any of the lots surrounding the building, and on the street. For more information about this event, please visit the Facebook event page

Location: The Boiler Room @ 500 Seneca 
Doors: 7:00pm
Program begins: 7:30pm 
Tickets Available: $10-20 sliding scale

Works by: 
Frederic Rzewski – The Price of Oil (1980) 
Julius Eastman – Stay on It (1973)

Wooden Cities: 
Brendan Fitzgerald – Director/percussion
Ethan Hayden – Associate Director/voice/trombone
Evan Courtin – violin
Katie Weissman – cello
Nick Emmanuel – keyboards

Featuring guest members:
Rebecca Marin – voice
Nelson Rivera – saxophones
Tim Clarke – trumpet
Dylan Gechoff – trombone
Ian Kerr-Mace – euphonium
Kelsey Simons – French horn
Bob Fullex – percussion
Steve Lattimore – percussion
John Smigielski – percussion

Sunday, April 8, 1-6 pm

Eco-Performance Lab


Eco-Performance Lab is a creative workshop for a mixed group of artists and non-artists to confront ecological crises through theater. Beginning with a presentation of research and culminating in short
performances made by participants, The Lab is an introduction to Superhero Clubhouse’s approach to theater-making, offering tools to explore questions about who we are and how we move forward in our new, turbulent reality. This exciting workshop is lead by Jeremy Pickard ( and Zelda Soussan. 

This event is happening in the Boiler Room at 500 Seneca that can be found by entering the building off of Myrtle near Hamburg, through the black gate, following the path to the garage doors. Free parking is available in any of the neighboring lots. 

This event is free and open to the public and made available by the Techne Institute at UB and in partnership with UB Sustainability. For for more information about this event, please visit the Facebook event page

Saturday, April 21, 7-9 pm

Shade & Light present Breaking Sanity

The debut performance of double bass duo Shade & Light (Betsy Soukup & Megan McDevitt), Breaking Sanity digs into the manifestations of restrictive societal constraints on women's mental health, and their approaches to breaking free. Works by Scodanibbio, Bach, Scelsi, Soukup & McDevitt will be performed, with an opening performance by the incredible Katie Weissman (cello and electronics).

Location: Boiler Room @ 500 Seneca
Doors: 7:00pm
Program begins: 7:30pm
Tickets Available: $10-20 sliding scale

To access the Boiler Room @ 500 Seneca, enter through the gate off of Myrtle near Hamburg St. Parking is available in any of the lots surrounding the building, and on the street. For more information, please visit, the Facebook event page

Shade & Light is a duo project of childhood friends and double bassists, Megan McDevitt and Betsy Soukup. Megan attended the Norfolk New Music Workshop in 2015 and the Atlantic Music Festival’s Future Music Lab in 2017, and currently performs regularly with various new music groups in Buffalo, New York. Her artistic interests include composition, electronic music, and curating thematic programming that engages the audience in unconventional and meaningful ways. Betsy attended the John Adams/David Robertson 21st-Century American Contemporary Ensemble Workshop and Lucerne Festival in 2013, and currently performs free improvised music and her original songs throughout the metro Detroit area, where she resides. Her artistic focus has been on improvisation, songwriting, and vulnerable performance aesthetics. Both women have doctorates in bass performance from the University of Michigan. Working together they hope to create performances that are transformative for the audience as well as themselves, while collaboratively creating new works with artists from various disciplines, and engaging with a community of contemporary and rising artists through performance workshops.

Umberto  Crenca

Wednesday, April 25, 6-9 pm

Speaker Series: Umberto Crenca

The Cass Project is excited to announce the first speaker in a new public lecture series, Umberto Crenca. Bert is an internationally known arts and cultural leader, whom founded AS220 in Providence, RI, which played a pivotal role in the revitalization of downtown. In 2016, Bert's efforts were recognized by President Obama, as one out of the ten receipts for "White House Champions of Change for Making."

This programming has been made available in part by the financial support from University at Buffalo Arts Management Department and Humanities Institute.

Location: Atrium (3rd Floor) @ 500 Seneca
Social Hour: 6:00pm
Program begins: 7:00pm
This event is free and open to the public.

Umberto ‘Bert’ Crenca is an artist and the founder of AS220, Rhode Island’s unjuried, uncensored, all-ages home for the arts located in Providence, Rhode Island. Now in its 32nd year, AS220 serves as an international model for access, equity, and sustainability in the non-profit arts world. Bert has been internationally recognized for his work with AS220, sharing best practices with organizations as far away as New Zealand, Taiwan, Ukraine, Estonia and Kuwait. Notably, Bert recently received honorary doctorate degrees from Brown University and Roger Williams University for his commitment to community development, creating opportunity for artists, and the revitalization of downtown Providence. Bert has also served on transition boards for the last three Mayors of Providence, the Providence School Board, the Providence Downtown Improvement District (DID) Board, and the Advisory Board for the Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau. As a visual artist, performance artist, and musician, Bert’s works and performances have been exhibited globally in galleries and on stages including the Galleria Del Corso in Latina, Italy; La Galeria Matadero in San Juan, Puerto Rico; the RISD Museum in Providence; the Newport Art Museum in Rhode Island; and the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.