Our Mission

Winter Art Market

We aim to provide the City of Buffalo and the region, with culturally diverse artistic programming and events that engage, empower, and spark dialogue and action in creating community and rehabilitating neighborhoods.

Our Vision


To live, work, produce, and contribute to an innovative and inspiring community that thrives on the strength and diversity of its people.

Our Values

Kyla Artist Talk 4/7/18







Our Agenda

To provide exhibition and performance opportunities to artists who are emerging and/or whose voices are under-represented in the community. To create community based programming through events and workshops that occur within the building and off-site in the local neighborhoods. To offer professional opportunities for working artists, such as residencies and teaching.

Who was Mary Cass?


The Cass Project is named in honor of Mary Cass, who worked for the original tenant of 500 Seneca, the F.N. Burt Box Company. She started off working for the company in the late 1880's as a secretary and eventually became the General Manager of the company, making her one of the first female executives in the country, and became one of the highest paid executives in the country, all before she had the right to vote.